Cedar City Lions Club presents the Dennis Stowell Memorial Ranch Rodeo

Saturday, October 26th at 1PM.

Cross Hollows Events Center
Contact: Shane Flanigan 435-701-1771 or cowdawg@yahoo.com

  1. Team Branding
  2. Sort and Rope Team Doctoring
  3. Team Trailer Loading
  4. Team Sorting

General Information:

  • Each rider must use the same horse for all events.
  • All events require slick dally horns, mule hide, elk hide, or latigo only. No  rubber, cotton rope, or yarn, or wetted horns.

45 foot rope minimum length.

  • No tie downs allowed.

Entry Fees: $60.00/Team Member /100% payout.  WSRRA Membership will be available as well for $40.00″

Junior Ranch Rodeo
Friday at 4 PM (same arena as Ranch Rodeo on Saturday—small outdoor arena)
Age groups:
5th grade and under
6-8th grade
$10 per entry fee per kid and four kids per team

Three events:  No horses to be used–events will have time limits
Team roping
Wild goat milking

Participants need to pre-register by calling or texting Lee Bingham @ 435-671-8086 or e-mail:  leeb@discoveryranchforgirls.com Pay fees Friday, October 28th @ 3:30 PM.  All entry fees to be given back in prizes/cash to contestants.

What are Ranch Rodeo Skills?

Ranch Team Sorting

A cowboy needs to have the ability to sort a certain cow or calf from the herd. It is a difficult process and it requires extreme concentration by the cowboy and his horse. They must react to the movements of the herd and be able to respond quickly to drive the cattle the direction they want them to go. Team sorting simulates this process and requires the cowboy’s and their horses to sort numbered cattle form a herd and move them across a line. As you watch this event it may appear they are getting the cow go where they want them to but in a fraction of a second everything may change. This event is very exciting and showcases the cowboy’s and their horse’s skills.

Team Doctoring

Just like people the cattle can get sick and they need attention. There are vaccines and medication created specifically to keep the animal healthy and it is the cowboy’s job to keep that animal in the best shape possible. As the cowboy recognizes a sick animal he must determine a treatment and rope that animal to give it medication. This event simulates that process and the animal is roped at the head and at the heels and a mark is applied to the animal’s forehead. The fastest time wins.

Team Branding

Ownership of cattle has been determined by the creation of brands for the ranches for many years. These brands indicate the ownership of the animal and assist in identifying those cattle that have strayed to other ranches. Branding time on a ranch is a tradition that has stayed much the same for over 100 years. It is an event that brings ranches together to brand the spring calves and to vaccinate and doctor those that need it. This event is a timed event and all of the cowboys participating have to show their skills in riding, roping, sorting and handling the calf. For this event paint or flour is used on the animals and the fastest time branding two calves wins.

Team Trailer Loading

Ranch rodeo trailer loading is how working ranch cowboys get the animal loaded into a trailer directly from the pasture. The animal may need to be loaded for market, transporting to a new pasture or for veterinary care.


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