Grand Marshal

Cedar Livestock & Heritage Festival Honors Dr. James E.  Bowns as Grand Marshal (posthumous)

If there ever there existed a position called “Mr. Range Management”, the late Dr. James E. Bowns would certainly have worn the title. He spent a long and exceptionally productive career teaching and inspiring students, assisting and educating ranchers and professional range managers through his extension work, conducting research on Utah’s rangelands, and providing expert advice and testimony to the U.S. Congress and several national task forces on a variety of vexing rangeland issues.

The scope and significance of his contributions to any one of these would be considered a major career accomplishment for most of us. That he was able to do so much in so many areas continues to amaze and astonish us who knew and worked with him.

Jim did not simply teach range management; he convinced generations of students that this is the career they were destined to follow. His artful teaching of plant taxonomy has made life-long “plant-freaks” of many of them. Jim was also committed to service, dedicating time and energy to contribute substantially to his civic community through service on local hospital and livestock show boards, nature instruction of grade-schoolers, and Bryce Canyon (NP) Natural History Association.

Jim was truly a legend and we are very proud to honor him as our Grand Marshall.